In Memory

Daniel Richardson

Deceased Classmate: Daniel Richardson
Date Of Birth: 07-07-1975
Date Deceased: 09-08-1999
Age at Death: 24
Cause of Death: 
Classmate City: Mentor
Classmate State: OH
Classmate Country: USA
Was a Veteran: No 
Survived By: Sarah - sister, Becky - mother, Larry - father

Danny had finished his Diversified Health Occupations 2 year program with the class of 95, although he officially had graduated with the class of 94. The program had just started his last year and he wanted to complete it. For those that need to know how he died, please ask Sarah. Also, she does have a facebook profile for him that started as a gamer's profile for her. She does not mind friends adding that profile, if they wish to feel connected still but rarely posts so it is a rather inactive profile. She no longer uses it for gaming once many friends found the profile.